Sunday, May 15, 2005


Luxuries almost or never made available to many Filipinos

While brushing my teeth and washing my face in the lavatory, my attention lingered on a work mate who spent his time preening before the mirror, washing his hands, perfuming, fixing his hair and while at it, used at least thirty (30) sheets of paper towels.

Yes, 30 sheets, each 1’ X 1’ in size. I sure can dry my very wet hands using two sheets, tops! After all, there’s always the electric hand dryer. I really am bothered by liberal toilet paper use, especially by those who think these grow on trees. *grins*

At any rate, after 15 minutes of puttering about and 30 paper towel sheets after, he decided to top it all off by drying his hands on the electric hair dryer. Great habits, dude! I only able shook my head in amusement and disbelief.

I suppose there’s something wrong when things like this happen. I mean, yeah, free stuff is provided in lavatories these days but must we abuse them? I don’t want to sound so sure as to where this behaviour is coming from and I leave that to our eminent social psychologists to discuss, but one cannot deny that hoteliers all over the world know for a fact that a Filipino guest means one thing: missing bath towels, for one.

Alright, I admit have this habit of collecting hotel door notices (those that say ‘Do Not Disturb’) but these are for bragging rights, and are not as expensive as, say, a thick white bath towel. My cousin, for one, likes hoarding complimentary postcards upon her entry in a hotel room but at least those are free.

But towels? Wasting toilet paper?



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