Friday, May 20, 2005


The hype surrounding the film 'Bikini Open' by Jeffrey Jeturian ('Tuhog', 2003) finally came to a head the other night when i went to see it at Robinson's Place Manila.

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The hype was too much to resist - a "mockumentary", they call it. In an industry dying (pardon the pun) to do something new, whatever, just to get the attention of a waning audience, any new idea could sell a film in the same way that the first digital film project, the gay-themed 'Duda / Doubt', was a hit among its target audiences.

I can't be so sure how 'Bikini Open' performed at the box office. Suffice to say that at the pace the terribly written narrative was going, any person wise enough to know it would have walked out of the theatre immediately and rectified his mistake by slipping into the next theatre showing a much-interesting film. While the original aim was to amuse, titillate and vilify, 'Bikini Open' was very successful in its ways to irritate. I had to control my frequent sighings, which became louder by the minute.

While I admit the production design was very good, it was pretty obvious that they were trying to achieve something. I can't seem to put my finger on it but if Director Mark Meily of 'Crying Ladies' (2004) was seated somewhere in the audience, i would have pointed it out to him that they were trying to ape his style.

Sorry, Jeffrey Jeturian. Maybe a mockemuntary really isn't your forte. I suppose it is true that a material finds its own master. You may have done it with 'Tuhog' but lightning never stikes twice. Better luck next time.

Cherry Pie is good, as always. She is so irritating here though. I wish they got Dina Bonnevie (sic) instead. Sigh.


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